Entropix, Inc. secures Series Seed funding to develop GPU-powered super-resolution video surveillance technology

Los Angeles, CA (June 2nd, 2015) - ENTROPIX, Inc., the innovative computational imaging company, developing  GPU-powered super-resolution video surveillance technology, announced the closing of their Seed Round of investment in the amount of one million dollars in May, 2015.

ENTROPIX will use the funds to continue developing their computational imaging software for enterprise and cloud-based super-resolution video surveillance systems, and to initiate design and development of the related hardware technology products to power it.  ENTROPIX’ proprietary, multi-layered approach to super-resolution computational photography enables a new generation of extreme definition IP (Internet Protocol) surveillance capabilities utilizing commodity camera components and computer hardware.  

“Resolution of video surveillance systems, which has been rising year after year, has finally hit a hard physical barrier of light diffraction limit beyond which it cannot increase” said Dr. Michael Korkin, Chief Executive Officer of ENTROPIX, “Our vision is to transcend this physical barrier by means of computational photography, and offer customers an order of magnitude increase in pixel density”.

“Hollywood creates expectations of extreme forensic zoom and video quality enhancement techniques that in reality have only been available to those willing to pay close to a hundred times the price of commodity HD cameras” said Nathan Wheeler, Chief Strategy Officer of ENTROPIX.  “At ENTROPIX, we’re excited about bringing those capabilities to surveillance customers at commodity pricing”.

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Nathan Wheeler, CSO
Phone: 818-640-6090

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