The Entropix Story


What if Extreme Ultra High Definition video content at 8K and beyond could be captured with an inexpensive camera built from conventional components?  Imagine your sports/action camera, your drone camera, a surveillance camera, a wearable camera, the dashboard camera in your car, or even your smartphone camera capable of Extreme UHD video...
Entropix has developed a hardware-enabled software technology making this a reality.  By moving Extreme UHD video content creation into the realm of AI and computational imaging, and away from the realm of ultra-expensive high-end camera hardware and optics, we put the evolution of resolution back under Moore’s Law.
With this level of stunning high-resolution detail you could crop out a small part of the field of view and still play it at 4K resolution!  Or, play captured video on the next generation 8K monitor coming soon to a store near you.




Dr. Michael Korkin
Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Previously served as Vice President of Engineering at Arecont Vision, HD surveillance camera manufacturer. Led development of a successful line of HD network cameras, ranging from 1.3 to 40 Megapixel, including multi-sensor panoramic models, now shipping to nearly one hundred countries. Multiple industry awards and industry firsts, including cameras currently used aboard SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. Earlier founded Genobyte, Inc., an engineering company which set Guinness World Record in Science and Technology for designing a groundbreaking neural network supercomputer for JKTC (Japan Key Technologies Center). 



Nathan Wheeler
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Founder, former CEO and current Chairman of Network Optix - developers of an industry leading enterprise video management software. Built a highly profitable software company from scratch in an extremely competitive market with products licensed under multiple strategic brand names and sold in nearly a hundred countries. Earlier served as a Director of Sales at Arecont Vision leading the company to record sales.

Last four companies involved with have each experienced at least an order of magnitude growth in revenue and valuation.



Dwight Linden
Founder, Chief Operating Officer

A serial entrepreneur who has achieved success by building companies from the ground up providing general and operational guidance and management. Both offshore and domestically in his native Silicon Valley, he has guided and grown innovative ideas into successful businesses. Dwight's track record includes RadioPage, STAR Travel and Interlink Services among others. His expertise in fundraising and operational management provided the catalyst for many companies to run successfully for many years beyond his active involvement.


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